Steeplechase Studios Equipment List


For you gearheads and engineers, this is a list of the current equipment at Steeplechase Studios, where most of Higher Ground was recorded (although the equipment has changed a lot since the CD was finished):



Microphones: Soundelux E49, Lawson L47MP, Royer R-121, Rode NT-2, Wright TSR-1 (x2), Schoeps CMC64 (x2), Telefunken ELA M 260 (matched pair), Oktava MC012 (matched

pair), Sennheiser E609 silver, AKG C1000s, Shure SM-57, Shure SM-58


Mic pres: Manley Dual Mono, Vintech X73 (x2), Daking 52270B (x2), Fred Forssell SMP-2, Rupert Neve Amek 9098


Computer: Apple Dual 2 GHz G5 running Pro Tools TDM, Logic Pro, AMT-8 interface


Analog/Digital Converters: Mytek 8x96 A/D, Lynx Aurora 16 A/D/A, Lavry Blue D/A

Monitors: Klein + Hummel O300D with O800 sub, Hafler M5


Mixer: Pro Tools TDM with Icon D-Command

Compressors: Empirical Labs Distressor (x2), Manley VariMu, Purple Action (x2), Standard Audio Level-Or, AnaMod AM660, Universal Audio LA-2A, Universal Audio 1176, FMR Audio RNC, TL Audio C1


EQs (hardware): API 550A (x2), Electrodyne 511 (x2), JLM Audio PEQ-500 (x2)


Processors: Lexicon PCM-91, Lexicon MPX-500, Lexicon Reflex, Delta Labs

Effectron II, UAD-1 Card


Synths (hard and soft): Alesis Quadrasynth Plus Piano, Alesis DM Pro, Alesis

Andromeda, Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08, Waldorf Microwave XT, Emu Procussion, Yamaha TG500, Native

Instruments Reaktor, Native Instruments B4, Steinberg Pro 53, Camel Audio Cameleon


Piano: Kawai 52 upright piano


Guitars/Basses: 69 Fender Telecaster, 83 Fender Stratocaster, 01 Fender Deluxe Stratocaster, 83 Bishop Flying V, 01 Rickenbacker 330, '05 Gretsch White Falcon, '03 Gibson Les Paul Studio, 00 Carvin AC175,

01 Burns Brian May Special, 82 Ibanez PF200, 76 Martin D28, 99 Martin OM28V, '06 Martin 00-18UMGF,

01 Taylor 330, 03 Leach Sierra, '12 Rickenbacker 4003, 99 Carvin LB75, 84 Ibanez P-Bass, '12 Breedlove mandolin


Guitar/Bass Amps: 73 Fender Champ, 82 Marshall JCM 800 4210, 99 Vox AC-15TBX reissue,

02 Mesa Boogie Mark I reissue, '03 THD Univalve, '04 Orange AD15/12, 99 Ampeg B328